The #1 BrainBlock To Avoid At All Costs

The #1 BrainBlock To Avoid At All Costs

The the other day I was in deep conversation with a friend who’s a business strategist, marketing guru and fellow podcaster. I was telling him about the vision for my soon to be released podcast, my goals and my struggles with creating the show.

He asked “What’s blocking you achieving all of your goals for the podcast?”

Immediately my head flooded with all the normal excuses and negative thought patterns -- I’m not good at talking, the title sucks, the theme is bad, it’s not clear, the headline needs to grab attention, my intro is weak, it won’t be good enough, people won't listen to it, i’m an impostor, and who would want to be on my show?

Finally, I stopped -- recognizing the ego based thoughts, paused and took a deep breath and said “Nothing. I just need more reps.”

After our conversation, I thought about it -- my perfectionist tendencies are getting in the way of me releasing the podcast. My desire to make things perfect is getting in the way of me releasing. If I expect my podcast to be the best thing in iTunes right out of the box, I’m setting myself up for failure and a long and painful journey.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • What's better: Quantity or Quality? The answer may surprise you. 
  • Why learning any new skill is frustrating and what you can do to speed up the process. 
  • The bodybuilding principle which describes all personal development growth. 
  • Why perfectionism is one of the most menacing brainblocks.
  • How you can become unstoppable.