How To Quit Your Job, Find Your Purpose, Become The Next Steve Jobs, And Start A Revolution!

Admit it! You want to quit your job and become the next Steve Jobs.

You've imagined slamming down your resignation letter on your boss's desk, running over to Apple headquarters, slipping on a black turtleneck and pulling the next "i" product out of your pocket to a crowd of screaming Apple fans!

Or... maybe you haven't.

The point is, I talk with dozens of people each week who tell me their dreams. They want to build their own business, travel the world, start a revolution, create the next wave of consumer technology and cure degenerative diseases. "The Dream" of just climbing the corporate ladder, getting intoxicated on the weekends and retiring at 65 is dead. We don't want that anymore.

We feel like we're destined for something bigger and we are driven by something else. Our peers think were crazy and we feel awkward talking about our dreams to "normal people". 

Other generations really don't get it -- they are completely driven by top line sales revenue, business growth and personal financial gain...




The fundamental paradigm shift has already happened. We want to work in a world of transparency, authenticity and trust. We need to connect to a higher purpose, where our input and ideas matter. We want to have an impact, do epic work and transform the world.

But, there is ONE important realization to make…

Your Job Is Not Going To Give You Purpose.

It’s not your job’s job to give you purpose. It’s YOUR job to find it. 

The best leaders to ever walk this earth discovered their purpose and aligned their life with it. They didn’t wait for permission from their boss and sit hoping for a promotion. They searched for purpose, found it and started their revolution.

I want the same for you.


It’s Time: Find Your Purpose

Let’s be clear, your JOB and your PURPOSE are two very different things.

  • Your JOB is a place you drive to.
  • Your PURPOSE is something that drives you.

Got it?

The goal of this section is not to give away the farm and be a complete “how to”, rather it’s designed to get you thinking and get started.

Here’s how you should approach this next section:

  1. Read through all of these strategies.
  2. Find one that resonates with you.
  3. Try it.
  4. If it works for you, keep doing it.
  5. Hammer the shit out of it.

Side note: It’s never too late to start. I just met a cool doctor out of Chicago who is starting his purpose driven project at age 50. He’s not making excuses and neither should you.

OK, here are the strategies...


Strategy 1. Set A High Goal That Scares You

As long as it scares you, it’s good.

You’ll know it’s a good goal when you feel a knot in your stomach. If you start crying or get inspired you to do something immediately, then it’s really good.

Big goals will intimidate you and challenge your thinking. They're supposed to. 

Fantasizing about becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg and starting your own version of Facebook? Do it. Dream of speaking to hoards of adoring fans who cling to your every word, as the spotlight shines warmly upon your face? Make it happen. Want to create the first Artificial Intelligence robot so you can have a new bestie to play table tennis with? Get started.

However unrealistic, unreal, unfathomable, crazy, stupid, or insane -- just set it.  And that’s because....

The Higher The Goal, The More Energy You Will Draw From Within To Make It Happen.

I started this journey because I wanted to be the next Tony Robbins. Now, is that really unrealistic and narcissistic? Of course. But, it got me started and thinking bigger. [1]

For visual thinkers, this post from my Instagram account, pretty much says it all.


Strategy 2. Commit To The Process Of Mastery

Everyone has great ideas and loves to talk.

You know your friend that has all the “great business ideas”? They watch a lot of Shark Tank, love to impress you with their infinite wisdom, can talk endlessly about everything, are always judging and telling you the “right way” of doing things. You know who I’m talking about. They can be entertaining (and fun to listen to), but, I can almost guarantee, that they have NEVER CREATED ANYTHING.

And that's because, they forgot to commit to mastery.

After you’ve set your high goal AND committed to mastery, every day spend at least 1 hour of complete focus working it. You will see no growth, no progress, no change, no success -- unless you commit at least 1 hour every day.

This type of disciplined commitment is essential, because…




Steve Jobs didn’t do computers “half-assed”, Elon Musk doesn’t “half-ass” it with space transportation, Mother Theresa didn’t “half-ass” it with helping colonies of lepers, and Michael Jordan didn’t “half-ass” dunking a basketball. Why would you “half-ass” it? GO FULL-ASS!

Side Note: I’m not sure that going “FULL-ASS” is a real thing, but you get my point. Going “FULL-ASS” = A Relentless Commitment To Mastery.

The reason you commit to mastery is simple -- it reveals where you have true purpose and where you are simply infatuated (It’s the difference between your high school significant other, remember those late night puppy love conversations? And your first true adult love). 

The things you really care about and have purpose will stick. The things that you are simply infatuated with, will slither away -- never to be heard from or seen again.

The only real way to figure it out, is to go through the process of mastery. [2]


Strategy 3. Practice Gratitude Every Single Day

If you don’t have a gratitude practice, you’re crazy.

It’s the simplest, cheapest, easiest, most effective and fastest way to find your purpose, build a career around it, become rich and do work that matters.

Each year I do my gratitude practice, I’m floored by how much it helps me become the person I want to be. You realize after about 6 months of daily practice, that the effects are not linear, they’re exponential.

After you create a gratitude habit, your brain tunes-in to all of the potential, promotion, and opportunity everywhere. You become smarter, a better leader, more dynamic, more creative, you stand out from the crowd and your eye’s brighten. It’s simply amazing. [4]

There’s not much else to say.

Note: 5 Minute Journal makes the best gratitude journal


Strategy 4. Give Your Gift and Ask “How can I Help Others?”

In the later stages of our development, we STOP asking the question “What’s in this for me?” and we START asking the question “How can I help others?” [3]

This fundamental perspective shift changes everything. We STOP looking at the world from a needy, scarcity mindset and START understanding how we can fully give our gifts.

It’s no wonder that almost every single successful person has written a book, told their story or taught the lessons they learned. They see the enormous value in giving and most of the time they do it for free. They also understand that they get back 10X whatever they give.

Let's make this simple…


Make a commitment, give your gift relentlessly and constantly ask the question “How can I help others?” 


Final Thought

Previous generations had to accept the hand they were dealt. You were born into a time of unlimited opportunity and can do whatever you want.

So, If you are dreaming about doing something epic with your life, here's the process:

  1. Set a high goal that scares you.
  2. Commit to the process of Mastery.
  3. Practice gratitude every single day.
  4. Give your gift and ask the question: “how can I help others?



[1]  Robbins, T. (n.d.). Personal Power II: The Power Of Goal Setting. Lecture. 

[2] Greene, R. (2012). Mastery. New York: Viking. 

[3] The Entrepreneur Personality Type, Alex Charfen.