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Ben Austin High Performance Coach

Ben Austin is an enthusiastic and engaging keynote speaker who challenges you to become your best self. He provides a blueprint for individuals, organizations, and teams to stand out, produce at high levels and break through boundaries. What separates his approach is an emphasis on daily success habits, easy to implement strategies, and tangible step-by-step processes designed to ensure you are maximizing your potential. 

Popular Topics Include:

The art of Stress Free Productivity

Getting everything done is difficult enough, but when you throw in the daily responsibilities facing modern adults, it can be downright scary. High-Performance coach Ben Austin teaches you practical tools and advanced strategies for getting everything done and accomplishing more - while still maintaining your sanity. 


habit mastery WOrkshop

Everyone knows what they should be doing. That's easy. Doing it is the hard part. High-Performance coach Ben Austin teaches you the step-by-step blueprint for making good habits stick and eliminating unwanted ones.  


flow state Hacking Workshop

Flow is the state of optimal human performance and has been the target of world class athletes, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and writers. High-performance coach Ben Austin shows you the practical strategies for achieving more flow and elevating the performance of any individual, organization or team.

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