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All Leaders Have An Inner Circle - How To Build Your Team From The Ground Up

All Leaders Have An Inner Circle - How To Build Your Team From The Ground Up

You Can't Do It Alone.

Every great leader has an inner circle of friends, mentors, peers, mastermind partners, teachers, pupils and family that are a source of their genius. If you are working toward becoming the best version of you, you'll need a team.


The Story Is Wrong

Our culture loves the idea of the genius leader who accomplishes everything on their own. We want to believe that Steve Jobs created all of his Apple products by himself in his parents' garage. Or Mark Zuckerberg coded Facebook while drinking beer in his Harvard dorm room. Or Nelson Mandela single-handedly freed South Africa from Apartheid. 

But, You Can't Do It Alone. 

Every icon, leader and entrepreneur has had a team which supported their goals. 

In the next few sections, we'll break down the fundamentals of building an inner circle so that you can attract the right kind of people in your life and get the support you'll need. 

In this article you'll discover:

  • Why you become the average of the people in your inner circle.  
  • How the people you spend time with will determine your level of success.
  • Who to include in your inner circle.
  • Why you shouldn’t be the smartest person in every room or the most incompetent.
  • How to build it - the practical strategies

The 4 Fundamentals Of Unstoppable Motivation

The 4 Fundamentals Of Unstoppable Motivation

The other day, I was asked a question by a reader and friend.

She asked: "It’s hard for me to stay motivated and consistently make progress towards my goals. How do I get motivated and stay motivated?"

It's a good question, because when we are motivated, we stay consistent and we make progress. We'll stay up late, read all the books, put in the extra work, develop the skills, create the habits and do all the little things necessary to realize our goal.

It's that simple.

This got me thinking about the times where I was driven like an obsessive maniac to accomplish a goal, and the times I was unmotivated and failed. 

After searching through my stories, and re-reading the lessons of great leaders and peak performers, I noticed that there are 4 fundamentals to getting motivated and staying motivated.

When we understand and implement these fundamentals we create unstoppable motivation and achieve our goal. 

How Top Performers Stay Calm Under Extreme Pressure

How Top Performers Stay Calm Under Extreme Pressure

In the last post we talked about how exponential technologies are creating a need for rapid learning. Today's topic is about how top performers manage their emotions and remain calm under extreme pressure.

Here's the problem: Most people walk around in a low level state of anxiety. This constant anxiety clouds our judgment and stops our ability to develop as top performers. Research shows that consistent anxiety causes degradation of the area of your brain that controls willpower and self-control.

It gets worse.

When placed in stressful situations our nervous system kicks in; all learning stops and performance plummets. Worst of all, in high pressure situations we panic and we stop being the best version of ourselves. This is especially frustrating when you are used to performing at a high level.