Stop. Start. Do.

We are always looking for the next big thing. The next magic pill, the easy button or the one piece of the puzzle we are missing. The search for the magic solution gives us hope and keeps us going.

The Magic Pill Does not Exist.

After my collegiate football career was over, I took a hard look at myself in the mirror. I was 265 lbs, my face was puffy, my love-handles protruded from my sides and I had these weird red dots on my arms.

Apparently this is what happens when your diet consists of PB&J’s, Captain Morgan, pasta and pizza (who knew?).

I would tell myself all the time:

“I need to start exercising.”

“I need to start eating better.”

“I need to get my health back”

“I need to get back into shape”

“I need to do something”


Let me ask you this… Has “needing” to get your life back in order caused YOU to take action?

Probably NOT.

Here’s the Deal:

We search for the Magic Pill, the Easy Button or the missing link everywhere and in every facet of our lives (finances, health, business, life, love, relationships).

The Magic Pill Does NOT Exist.

Instead of looking for the next Beyoncé Lemonade/Cayenne Pepper diet, the Cranberry Flush Detox program or the Raspberry Ketones Magic-Bean Diet pill, here is what we should do:



What are your going to STOP doing?

What are your going to STOP doing?


  • Stop trying to impress people
  • Stop eating shitty food
  • Stop spending time with poisonous people
  • Stop watching garbage TV
  • Stop being a victim
  • Stop blaming your life circumstances on your job or government
  • Stop being comfortable with the status-quo
  • Stop mindlessly surfing the internet
  • Stop searching for the “next big thing”
  • Stop comparing yourself to friends on Facebook
  • Stop complaining
  • Stop waiting for things to be perfect before you fix the problem
  • Stop living in the future
  • Stop trying to be famous



What are you going to Start?

What are you going to Start?


  • Start being you
  • Start connecting with people
  • Start reading books
  • Start taking action
  • Start taking responsibility
  • Start a meditation practice
  • Start getting rid of your junk
  • Start living life by your own standards
  • Start being grateful
  • Start saving money
  • Start taking action
  • Start living in the present moment
  • Start making an impact



You don’t need anything. Do it.

You don’t need anything. Do it.


  • Do the things that scare you
  • Do Epic work
  • Do connect with everyone
  • Do maximize your potential
  • Do live in the present moment
  • Do love
  • Do become the person that you want to be
  • Do find your purpose
  • Do exercise daily
  • Do surround yourself with awesome people
  • Do fill your head with inspiration
  • Do meditation


What are you going to do?…


Why Stop?

Instead of looking for the next big thing “to-do” begin with the things you are doing. Take a hard look at all of the bullshit in your life that is holding you back.

STOP is the lightning bolt that causes you to wake up and notice what’s going on.

Why Start?

Everyone has dreams, very few of us actually start. We wait for things to get easier.

Things never get easier.

START is the gun at the beginning of the race. It tells you to go. 

Why Do?

We are not very good at just doing things. The things that we do “just to do” rarely stick. Think of your friend who is constantly “YO-YO” dieting. They are always starting, never doing.

Doing comes after both stopping and starting. This is because until we have stopped doing the bulllshit, started taking action, then we can start doing.

DO is when the actions you take become a part of you.


Wrapping things up

The next time we find ourselves stuck, unhappy, or frustrated with life, instead of looking for the next fad diet pill, ask yourself:

What am I going to STOP?