Ron Tsang

Ron Tsang - From Presentation To Standing Ovation

Ron Tsang - From Presentation To Standing Ovation

What separates a good communicator from one that captivates an audience for hours?

What's the difference between a presentation that leaves the audience bored, wishing they were watching Netflix and one where they are completely enraptured with every word?

What are the skills you need to develop in order to become a transformative communicator, presenter, influencer, and leader?

My friend Ron Tsang is about to drop some knowledge for you!

He's a presentation skill expert and author of the Amazon Canada #1 best-seller “From Presentation to Standing Ovation”.

Unlike most public speaking coaches, Ron is a former stock analyst who has been pitched to by thousands of CEOs and CFOs. Ron was responsible for evaluating these presentations, so he has a unique perspective on how to communicate at the highest levels.

In this exclusive interview for the UNLEASH Your Inner Genius Podcast you'll discover:

  • How to stay present and authentically connect with your audience.
  • The daily routines, habits and techniques of world-class public speakers.
  • How to avoid painfully bad communication mistakes that make your audience run for the exit signs. 
  • How Warren Buffett transformed himself from painfully shy to a communicator who can capture the attention of a 20,000 person live audience. 
  • Scientifically proven "power poses" that reduce cortisol levels and boost testosterone levels before you speak.