Alison Cebulla On Increasing Innovation By Embracing Vulnerability

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About Alison

Our next guest is a good friend and an expert in the areas of health and wellness.

She is a Huffington Post blogger and speaks at conferences in the US and Europe about trust, intimacy, and intuition including the 2105 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference and the Upcoming Oui Share fest in May.

She's on a quest to always improve physical and mental health and to share what she learns with others.

Alison Cebulla, welcome to the Show!


Background/Your Story

  • How did you become interested in wellness and what's the story behind your career as a coach?

Overcoming Shame

  • What is shame and why do most people believe that it's not an issue for them? Where does shame come from?

  • How does shame affect and control our lives?

  • Do you think perfectionism and procrastination come from shame?

  • What are some common shame triggers for men and women? Is shame different for men and women?

  • What is a practical process or habit someone could use to deal with their shame triggers?

  • How do we deal with imposter syndrome?


Embracing Vulnerability and Empathy

  • What is vulnerability and why do we need to embrace it? What's the benefit for doing so?

  • What routines, habits or processes do you teach in order to embrace vulnerability on a daily basis?

  • How can we use gratitude and empathy in order to embrace vulnerability?


Rapid Fire Questions: