Kris J. Simpson - The 5 Fundamentals of High Performance Health



Diets don't work.



If you’ve ever attacked your health and fitness routine like a maniac, only to fall back into old bad habits… this is the show for you!

Enter Kris J. Simpson and his All Inclusive approach to keeping the weight off and creating high-performance health.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Kris’ unbeatable S-M-A-R-T Shift acronym for achieving your goals.
  • His incredible story of overcoming addiction and developing the strategies for living a life of richness, gratitude, and fulfillment.  
  • Strategies for balancing your F.E.A.R.S. (Food, Emotions, Activity, Relaxing and Sleeping).
  • Kris’ practices for creating a peak state and smashing your fitness and wellness goals.
  • How to keep the weight off by sustaining a balanced and normalized lifestyle.
  • Tactics for overcoming your F.E.A.R.S. (False Expectations Appearing Real Syndrome).
  • How to find peace, presence, and fulfillment in less than 20 minutes a day.

In the episode, Kris also gives you a copy of his new book, All Inclusive Diet: Finding Balance & Keeping the Weight Off. Tune into the episode to get the details!


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Kris’ Bio:

Kris J Simpson The All Inclusive Diet

Kris J. Simpson is a veteran of the weight-loss, fitness, and physical rehabilitation industry. He is an elite personal trainer, former national bodybuilding champion and CEO and founder of Bodies By Design Fitness Studios. He was also featured as a spokesperson for health and fitness on CP24, City TV, and the E! Channel.

As a Weight-loss Coach, Seminar Leader, Speaker, and Author, Kris found his calling to help other people restore balance and keep the weight off as he did for himself. As his motto states, he will continue to – Inspire to Aspire™


Question/Topics We Will Cover:

Listen to the episode to hear about his incredible story of overcoming addiction and getting back to peak performance. 

Listen to the episode to hear about his incredible story of overcoming addiction and getting back to peak performance. 

  • What’s the story behind your Interest in all things health, weight loss and fitness?
  • Why do you think so many top performers tend to yo-yo diet and struggle to keep the weight off?
  • In your book, you mention the 5-P’s of food logistics. Could you describe what they are and how someone living a busy/high-stress lifestyle can implement the 5-P’s?
  • In your book, you talk about the five facets of health. Could you say what those are and why each chapter begins with “awareness” and includes some form of tracking or measuring progress?
  • How do you recommend people approach fitness, health, and weight loss goals (the 7 Day S.M.A.R.T. SHIFT)?


Rapid Fire Questions:

What is the #1 habit you contribute most to your success?

Do you have a morning routine or a ritual to prime yourself for the day?  

What is the #1 book you’ve recommended to others and why?

What is your favorite online tool or app?

  • Google Apps

What podcasts do you tune into regularly?


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